Cutthroat Razor - How to Shave from King Barber

Learn to shave with a cut throat razor


King Barber presents 'Teach Yourself the Cutthroat Shave' !


Our fully illustrated step-by-step guide to the cutthroat shave written by our own Luke Leadbitter, a barber with over twenty years experience in the industry, 'Teach Yourself the Cutthroat Shave' is now in its second edition. In colour throughout, each stage of the sharpest shave ever is shown, as well as holding positions and safety tips.


A cutthroat razor (also sometimes called a straight razor, or open razor) is great for lining up awkward sideburns and getting a truly clean edge on a modern beard.


If you are already the proud owner of a cutthroat razor but just not sure where to start, the book alone is available for just £6.99. For those new to the art we are delighted to present our beginner pack containing the book, a replaceable blade cutthroat razor and double edged Wilkinson Sword blade for £14.99... everything you need to get shaving!